Photography Index

Here you'll find some photographs we've chosen to share.  Yeah, this is hokey, but I'm in a hurry after spending most of the day getting this catalog ready.  I'll make it look better (and sound less cheesy) some other time.

  NEW!  Fall 2006 pictures!!
First, the executive summary.  These are my favorites.
Grandma!  Look here!  Family pics!!!!



We have extended family too, and I'm not letting our friends off the hook!
  We got some FUN pictures too
  Flowers, anyone?
Hiking is a favorite around here, and it nets some great pictures too!
Hiking also gets Fall Foliage pictures, not to mention that we go on trips just for them too!
    Butterflies are fun to take pictures of ... and there's a place near us with LOTS of them.
    Sunrise, Sunset, goes the song.  My wife got these!
    You'll have to ask Jenny why this is called Food Porn
    Here are the pictures that have been on my site since day one.  They're still good too!  And here are the original butterfly pictures!