Kevin Hauser

166 Bartemus Trail

Nashua, NH  03063


A senior architect/project leader with full software project development life-cycle experience.  Successful in leading teams from project inception to on-time delivery of quality products.  Highly effective at communicating with all levels of management as well as team members.  Motivates software engineers, QA engineers, technical writers and knowledge experts to work cohesively as a team.


Technical Highlights

Leadership Highlights

§        Recent experience in .Net technologies (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, CLR)

§        BizTalk integration technology

§        Over 12 years experience with object oriented design, analysis and implementation in C++.

§        SQL (MSSQL), Stored Procedures, DTS

§        HTML, JavaScript

§        XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XDR

§        COM, DCOM

§        ADO, ODBC, RDO

§        ATL, MFC

§        In-Circuit Emulators

§        Logic Analyzers

§        Manages projects to plan, adjusting for mid-cycle changes and identifying and resolving project completion threats.

§        Meets aggressively scheduled project plans.

§        Enjoys strong job satisfaction among team members.

§        Implements straightforward processes resulting in improved quality and productivity.

§        Mentors team members, boosting job satisfaction and personal growth.

Employment History

8/2002 – 1/2003

Keane, Inc.

Bedford, NH

Software Consultant

§        Served as subject matter expert for a customer converting a legacy insurance system to a Phoenix system (Allenbrook’s current product, see previous employer).

§        Analyzed customer’s non-SQL database and created a plan for moving their insurance claims data to the Phoenix structure. 

§        Coordinated two other architects to achieve a cohesive conversion of Claims data with Policy and Billing data. 

§        Created a tool using C# and ADO.NET to map user information from the legacy database to equivalent values in the new database.

§        Created a C# and ADO.NET COM object to scrub client and address information following uniform rules to create equivalent clients in the Phoenix database.

§        Mentored Keane staff in SQL DTS, stored procedures and user-defined procedures.

§        Wrote entire claims conversion utilizing SQL DTS, stored procedures and user-defined procedures, along with above COM object.


10/2001 – 5/2002

Allenbrook, Inc.

Lowell, MA

Software Manager

§        Directed two software architects and participated in the analysis and design for the company’s next generation of software components featuring a BizTalk and.NET-based framework that is end-user customizable resulting in the development of two concurrent .Net products.  Utilized the eXtreme Programming (XP) iterative process to keep the project on track and predictable.

§        Managed a team of two senior engineers in making enhancements to the company’s Internet policy administration front-end, resulting in an application with more functionality than the client-server application on which it is based.

§        Managed a team of two senior engineers in the design, implementation and development of a COM+ component for providing policy management services related to the process of insurance sales commissions, resulting in the ability to migrate away from buggy client-server code that failed to provide a web user with information when a task failed.

§        Managed two software architects in the development of an MSMQ and COM+ based software product allowing our customer to import real-time agency generated insurance quotations to their Phoenix system.  Introduced the eXtreme Programming process, resulting in successful completion of this project despite extremely aggressive deadline.  Continually involved the end-customer, assuring success at all stages of development.

§        Conducted annual reviews for two senior engineers and a software architect resulting in positive moral boost and accompanying productivity enhancements.  Praised for the “most complete and accurate review” in software architect’s history, and “the only review to offer valuable career enhancing advice.”


3/1996 – 10/2001

Software Architect

§        Created a configurable unit and component test program using C# and ADO.NET utilizing a public domain .NET unit testing framework (NUnit version 1).  Allows developers and QA to create and configure tests by writing and/or modifying XML files that conform to an XML schema I created.

§        Responded to urgent customer demands for Internet software by conceptualizing and implementing an aggressively scheduled Internet front end for quoting and policy administration utilizing a COM-based foundation from an earlier project along with COM and COM+ user interface objects written in C++ and ATL, creating XML representing Phoenix application and meta data.  This is combined with XSLT on the client side to create dynamic screens that truly reflect the client-server interface the customer is already used to working with.  Awarded a bonus for the suggestion and successful implementation of this project.

§        Created a COM-based configurable search engine and Windows user interface allowing developers to create search dialogs with consistent appearance writing relatively little code.  Wrote a web-based UI, extending the existing search engines to web applications without modification of the existing search engines.  (C++, ATL, COM, XML, XSLT)

§        Developed appropriate release metrics and a process for implementing them resulting in a new focus on quality.  These in turn resulted in greatly benefiting the company’s reputation for delivering quality product. 

§        Developed and implemented criteria for establishing the necessity of urgent fixes (PTFs) and a streamlined process for producing them.

§        Team lead for an on-time highly successful implementation of a COM-based insurance quoting program.  This involved technical contributions, project management from inception to completion, and coordinating development, QA, documentation and release engineering.  Continued through the evolution of the product in to a full-fledged policy management program.  (C++, MFC, COM, RDO)

§        Mentored team members in C++ and COM, providing an atmosphere where team members feel they are fully supported both in their project success as well as their own personal development.

§        Created a Microsoft Site Server-based Intranet for centralizing documentation to address a company-wide communications failure.  Resulted in an automated online repository with full text search ability.

§        Introduced and championed basic software engineering principals (such as use of functional specifications, design documentation, team design and development) and component architecture to the company, raising quality while producing re-usable component-based objects, reducing time to market.  Recognized for raising quality and predictability without drowning the organization in excess process. 

§        Continually involved all team members (software and QA engineers, documentation, training, etc) in product development, resulting in a high degree of satisfaction and product ownership.


1993 – 1996

One-Write Plus

Nashua, NH

Principal Engineer

§        Designed and implemented the architecture for the Windows version of a small business accounting program available in retail (Staples, CompUSA, etc).  This long-time rival of such products as Intuit’s Quickbooks and Peachtree’s Accounting software lagged the market in Windows compatibility.  The architecture utilized a desktop SQL engine (now Sybase Personal Edition) and a C++ object library utilizing Borland’s Object Windows Library (OWL).

§        Conducted performance measurement and speed improvement enhancements, enabling the product and accompanying SQL database engine to run on a 386 based system with only 4Mb of RAM and still meet time requirements established by product marketing.  Utilized the SmartHeap heap management package to optimize memory usage, along with a sophisticated performance measurement tool (Microquill’s Segmenter) that allowed us to measure both load and execution times, resulting in the ability to pre-load and/or highly optimize the most critical code portions.

§        Simultaneously with the above, led a separate team in implementing an extensible conversion module to import data from the older DOS product allowing the Windows product to be marketed to the existing customer base.


1987 – 1993

Atex, Inc.

Bedford, MA

Staff Engineer

§        Conceptualized, designed and implemented a Windows terminal emulation program using TCP/IP for the company’s PDP-11 based system, replacing a DOS based terminal emulator.

§        Created a MAC version of the terminal emulation software using a public domain TCP/IP stack.

§        Worked with hardware engineer to debug a seemingly random failure in the PDP-11 side of the terminal emulation system.  Found a firmware/hardware timing problem.  Utilized 68000 in-circuit emulator and logic analyzer. 

§        Designed and implemented a Z80-based OS/communications package in a PDP-11 minicomputer for a graphics terminal.  Utilized Z80 in-circuit emulator and logic analyzer for final debugging.

Additional Employment History

1986 – 1987 Atex, Inc.
Field Engineer
New York, New York
1982 – 1986 Time, Inc.
Project Manager
New York, New York
1982 Chemical Bank
New York, New York