Follow these steps to see the "Easter Egg" in One-Write Plus for Windows Version 5:

NOTE: Since One-Write Plus for Windows was aquired (and moved to Atlanta) I and the rest of the team have left the project for other positions. The current team of engineers have changed the credits screen to reflect their additional work. The list displayed here (if your browser supports Java applets) is the original.

  1. Bring up the splash screen by selecting Help Menu/About One-Write Plus.
  2. Press Alt and Ctrl, and while holding them down click the right mouse button anywhere in the One-Write Plus for Windows screen.

The names of everyone involved in the One-Write Plus for Windows program will scroll by in the upper right corner of the splash screen. As one of the engineers on the team, I can assure you we are all very proud of the product! Thanks for your interest.

One-Write Plus is a registered trademark of Peachtree Software, Inc. Any material contained in One-Write Plus is copyright material and is the property of Peachtree Software, Inc. and is used here with their permission.

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