ROSALIA S. DENISON and Harley M. Hall married in Burke, Vt., by Rev. Rufus Godding, February 26, 1846. Harley, the seventh son of Sylvester and Lucy Hurlburt Hall, was born in Burke, Vt., August 8, 1818, on the farm where his father settled on coming from Connecticut in 1804. In 1842 he and his brother, Harris, entered into a copartnership, taking the old home farm, paying off accumulated debts and caring for their father and mother. They were industrious farmers, making a specialty of fine horses, Devon cattle and Cotswold sheep. Harris died May 9, 1865. This was a great blow to Harley, as they were very devoted to each other. Harley represented the town in 1858-9, and was Senator from the county in 1868-9. In the fall of 1874 he had a severe sickness, from which he never fully recovered. He died October 6, 1878, of strangulated hernia, after a brief illness of only four days. His funeral was attended at his home, where people from all parts of the county assembled to pay their last tribute to one whom they honored and respected.

In May, 1867, Mr. and Mrs. Hall took into their home little Minnie Belle Williams, who was born in Craftsbury, Vt., September 8, 1863, and gave her the name of Minnie Belle Hall.

Minnie Belle Hall and Will P. Bundy married December 20, 1882.

Nathan P. Bowman and Rosalia D. Hall were married in Chelsea, Mass., at the residence of Mrs. Carrie D. Higgins, by Rev. C. T. H. Nason, April 7, 1885.

Nathan P. Bowman was born in the town of Westford, Vt., August 24, 1822, was educated at the common schools, lived on a farm in his native town till 1851, when he entered a store for eighteen months; was sheriff of Chittenden County. In 1853 was appointed deputy collector of customs at Island Pond. In 1863 he was appointed paymaster in the U. S. Army, with headquarters at Newburn, N. C. Soon after the close of the war he came to St. Johnsbury, Vt., where he has since resided.


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