NANCY CURTIS DENISON was named for her grandmother, Nancy Curtis Newell. She was educated at the common schools and at Concord Corner, where Prof. Reed Hall and Eliza Dascomb were teachers. Soon after her marriage - November 13, 1827- to T.O. Brown, they removed to his home, Randolph Hill, where they kept a hotel for several years. A very sad accident occurred while they were living here.

Being a little short of sleeping rooms, they had a swing bed in the sitting room which Mr. and Mrs. Brown occupied. One morning, having a number of teamsters to get breakfast for, they arose very early, Mrs. Brown going to the kitchen to assist the girl about breakfast, leaving her three months' old baby sleeping in the bed. Soon the girl went into the sitting room to tidy it up, and not thinking of the little one, swung the bed in place. Mrs. Brown coming into the room soon after, saw the bed in position, exclaimed, "Oh, my baby!" and fell fainting to the floor. Mr. Brown came at once to the rescue, but the little life had gone out and the mother's heart was nearly broken by the sudden bereavement.

From Randolph they removed to Grey, N. H., from there to Norway, Me., where he spent the remainder of his life. Nancy, his wife, died September 6, 1861. He died April 2, 1878. They are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, South Paris, Me.

Titus O. Brown, Jr., and Nancy Curtis Denison were married Nov. 13, 1827, by Elder Jonathan Woodman of Sutton, Vt. Their children:-

Persis Sophia and Sewell W. Danforth were married at Norway, Sept. 7, 1854, by Rev. Asa L. Loring.

Charles Hazen Danforth, born at Waupen, Wis., July 17, 1855, died at Stillwater, Minn., Dec.23, 1879.

Persis Sophia Danforth died at Madelia, Minn., July 10, 1898.

Sewell W. Danforth died at Rush Lake, Wis., Apr. 27, 1903.

Rosalia Denison Brown and Hannibal I. Kimball married at Norway, Me., Aug.30, 1853, by Rev. A. S. Loring.

Rosalia Denison Kimball died at New Haven, Conn., Mar.11, 1858.

Hannibal I. Kimball, born May 16, 1832, died at Brookline, Mass., Apr.27, 1895.

Nancy Ann Brown died at Randolph, N. H., Mar. 18, 1831.

Eliza Jane Brown died at Norway, Me., July 20, 1837.

Charles Denison Brown and Abba F. Shurtleff married at South Paris, Me., Dec.20, 1860, by Rev. Mr. Southworth.

Annie Maria Brown and Charles Dexter Noble married at Norway, Me., Aug. 26, 1868, by Rev. S. K. Noble.

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