Lucius DENISON, oldest son of Isaac and Electra Denison, was born July 27, 1803, on the West Hill, in Burke, Vt. His education was acquired at the district school and Peacham Academy, where he went with DeSelim Newell, an uncle of about his age and a life-long friend. Soon after coming of age he bought a farm of one hundred acres near his father, on which he built a good house and barn. On November 24, 1827, he married Catherine Bemis, who was born in Lyndon, Vt., October 24, 1805, - a very estimable woman. They at once commenced housekeeping in their new home. The winter after his marriage a neighbor who was clearing some land told him he might have all the wood he would cut and draw. He gladly availed himself of the offer. One day about 2.30 P.M. a man passing his home as he was driving into his yard with an oxload of wood told him that a fox had just crossed above his house. He at once took his dog and gun and started in pursuit. A little before dark he returned with two foxes. His good wife in the meantime had unyoked the oxen and put them in the barn. In 1831 he moved to Burke Hollow and went into trade with Daniel Beckwith. A few years later he and Alonzo Bemis bought of Joel Trull, senior, his house and store and began keeping a hotel in connection with the store, under the firm name of Bemis and Denison. Burke Hollow was then the principal village in town. He was postmaster many years, the mail coming into town only twice a week. On December 11, 1841, his wife passed away. In 1842 he married Adaline Hobart. In 1853 he moved to Island Pond for a short time, thence to Boston, where he went into the grocery business. In 1861, he removed to Norway, Me., and went into the dry goods business with his brother, I. A. Denison. He died June 26, 1882, and was buried in the cemetery at Norway. His wife outlived him just nine years to a day.

Lucius Denison and Catherine Bemis, married November 24, 1827. Catherine Bemis Denison died December 11, 1841. Lucius Denison and Adaline Hobart married November, 1842. Adaline Hobart Denison died June 26, 1891.

Caroline Nancy, born Sept. 5, 1828.

Elias Bemis, born Feb. 6, 1831; died Feb.24, 1903.

William Barbour, born Apr.20, 1833.

Kate S., born Oct. 7, 1843; died Mar.12, 1875.

Ellen J., born Feb. 7, 1846.

Arthur E., born Dec. 5, 1847.

Alice, born Nov. 8, 1849; died Nov. 2, 1879.

Adaline M., born June 27, 1853.

Emma M., born Nov.21, 1856; died Apr.18, 1898.

Lucius H., born July 7, 1858.

Herbert R., born June 5, 1863.

Nathan N., born May 1, 1865.

Caroline Denison married Jan. 1, 1853, George W. Higgins, who died Nov. 3, 1877.

William D. Higgins, born June 15, 1854.

Helen A. Higgins, born Aug. 8, 1856.

George Higgins, born Jan.12, 1858; died Nov. 1, 1858.

Lucy A., born Aug. 9, 1860.

Edward E., born Apr. 4, 1864.

William D. Higgins married Mary E. Copeland, June 26, 1889.

Helen A. Higgins married Charles H. Higgins, April 18, 1888.

Caroline D., born Aug.15, 1889.

Edward William, born Aug.21, 1891.

Robert H., born Dec.24, 1892.

Edward E. Higgins and Mary Austin White, married June 10, 1896.

Austin Denison, born June 12, 1897.

Philip White, born July 17, 1898.

Elias Bemis Denison married Mary S. Thaxter, May 3, 1871.

Edward E., born March 9, 1872.

Winfred T., born June 30, 1873.

Robert L., born May 28, 1875.

Katharine, born July 3, 1886.

William B. Denison married Elvira Parker Kendall, Feb.23, 1862.

William Kendall, born May 17, 1869.

Grace Mary, born Dec.12, 1872.

Grace M. Denison married Robert Kimball Sheppard, May 25, 1898.

Ruth Sheppard, born June 29, 1900.

Arthur E. Denison married Ida Ezilla Wright, Oct. 22, 1873.

Kate Chase, born May 8, 1878; died Oct. 15, 1876.

Arthur Wirt, born Dec. 3, 1878. Married Dorothy Clare March, July 8, 1903.

Kate S. Denison, who died March 14, 1895, married Cyrus S. Tucker, Oct.10, 1866.

Kate Tucker, born Dec. 7, 1869; died July 2, 1876.

Carrie Tucker, born Sept. 1, 1871.

Agnes Tucker, born Mar. 8, 1875.

Ellen J. Denison married Amos L. Millet, May 18, 1865.

Helen D. Millet, born Dec.11, 1870.

Alice L. Millet, born Sept.16, 1878.

Helen D. Millet married Lyman B. Chipman, Feb.19, 1896.

Alice Denison married Horace Cole, Jan. 2, 1870.

Edward D. Cole, born Aug.19, 1871.

Herbert D. Cole, born Aug. 20, 1873.

Anne M. Cole, born July 12, 1875. Married Louis Wilson, Feb., 1903.

Edward D. Cole married Louise Golding, June 27, 1894.

Adaline M. Denison married Charles Gilman Blake, Oct.16, 1878.

George Orville, born Sept.28, 1879, killed while hunting, November, 1893.

Emma M. Denison married Orville W. Collins, M.D. She died April 28, 1898.

Mildred Denison, born Feb.20, 1882, at Norway, Me.

Louise True, born June 23, 1885, at Norway, Me.

Lucius Hobart Denison married Emma Bader of Grinnell, Iowa, Feb.18, 1885.

Lucius Bader, born Jan. 2, 1886.

Philip Hobart, born Sept. 9, 1889.

Bertha Helen, born Feb.16, 1891.

Ruth, born Mar.23, 1896.

Herbert Roswell Denison married Cora May Dawes, June 25, 1890. She was born in Harrison, Me., Aug. 10, 1869.

Lawrence Hathon, born Dec. 16, 1891, Newtonville, Mass.

Hobart True, born Jan.19, 1895, Newtonville, Mass.

Clifford Dawes, born Jan.26, 1898, Newtonville, Mass.

Nathan Newell Denison married Elizabeth M. Boardman, Dec.14, 1889. She was born Jan.25, 1868.

Orville Boardman, born Oct. 5, 1890, at South Framingham, Mass.

The following obituary appeared in a Portland paper:


A few words relative to E. B. Denison cannot be out of place. Mr. Denison was a citizen whom Portland can ill afford to lose. An upright, quiet and modest man, he filled a position of usefulness in the community far more important than that of many who make themselves more conspicuous publicly. His integrity and sound business ability won for him the respect of all who came in contact with him. There is no position among men where a man can accomplish more for other men than that of the head of a large industrial business. The captain of industry in a future not far distant is to stand in the first rank of the world's benefactors. A well-known financial man said of Mr. Denison: "I have never known but one or two men who after failing in business and settling with creditors at a percentage, afterwards when successful paid in full with interest, but this is what Mr. Denison did." The remarks of citizens when his death was announced show the esteem in which he was held by all. Said a large manufacturer, "He was one of the best men I ever knew." Said another, "He was a first-class man in every respect," and another, "He was a man of most lovely character." To win universal approval is better for a man than the possession of titles.


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