ALMIRA DENISON was married April 14, 1822, to Silas Gilkey, who was born March 24, 1792. He died in Burke, Vt., April 7, 1847. She died in Milo, Michigan, March 14, 1871. They were married in Burke by a Methodist minister, Rev. Mr. Hoyt. After he had pronounced them man and wife he took from his pocket a large bandana handkerchief, spread it on the floor very deliberately, knelt upon it and asked God's blessing on the newly wedded pair. The prayer must have been heard and answered, as they were a very happy couple. They went directly to Vershire, Vt., lived there eight years, and then moved to Charleston, Vt. He went into the mercantile business for ten or twelve years, when he moved to Burke, Vt., where he died April 7, 1847. She afterwards married Mr. Spalding, whose first wife was a sister of Mr. Gilkey, went to Milo, Michigan, and died there March 14, 1877.

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