George Burlingame Denison wrote his Denison Genealogies in 1884.  A copy of it came down to my grandmother, although she was born a few years afterwards.  This book, and my grandmother's story of us being descended from William Brewster of the Mayflower, started my interest in genealogy.  My mother recently gave the book to me and I had it rebound.  The pages are crumbling, though, and there was only one copy.   I wanted to be able to share it and use it without causing any additional damage to the original.

I had intended to just scan the book and put it up as one page, so that everyone could use their browser to search for names. My husband, Kevin, told me that it would take too long to load that way. I had to break it up into sections, but that meant I had to find another way to make it easy to locate people.

Martin Haines Irons created an index for this book in 1998. It was his example that prompted me to create an index of links, and I referred to his index many times to see how he had handled some of the entries. He has my thanks; this is a much more useful document than it would have been without his help. 

If there seems to be more information in the index than in the book, don't search too hard - I got some of the dates from the more recent Denison Genealogy published in 1963 by the Denison Society, and some from a Martin Genealogy.  We have more information on the descendants of some of the people mentioned in the book.  If you find your ancestors here, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me and bring my information up to date.



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