George B. Denison's Family Record.

George B. Denison (son of Samuel Denison), born Feb.13, 1819, was married to Margaret M. Lyon, Oct. 17, 1858. Margaret was a daughter of Dr. Benjamin Lyon, of Providence, R. I., and was born March 7, 1823, in the town of Russia, Herkimer Co., N. Y. He is a banker, and resides in Muscatine, Iowa, where their children were born. Their children are :

110. Charles O., born May 21, 1860; died June 18, 1861.

111. Emma, born Nov.26, 1861; died June 13, 1863.

112. Edna, born Aug. 4, 1865.



Charles M. Denison's Family Record.

Charles M. Denison (son of Samuel Denison), born April 3, 1822, was married to Cornelia Pond, March 4, 1851, daughter of Julius Pond and July Ann Crary. He is a lawyer, resides at Whitesboro, Oneida Co., N. Y., and has an office in Utica. Was Assessor of Internal Revenue, 2lst District, N.Y., from 1862 to 1870. Has held the office of Commissioner of the U. S. Circuit Court and Federal Chief Supervisor of Elections for the Northern District of N. Y. since 1872. In 1880 he was appointed by Governor Cornell a member of the Board of Canal Appraisers.

His children, all of whom were born in Rome, N.Y., are :

113. Julia Crary, born May 25, 1852; died Aug. 4, 1852.

114. George Ellery, born July 2, 1854; is a lawyer.

115. John Whipple, born Aug.25, 1859; died Aug.26, 1860.

116. Helen Hamilton, born Aug.24, 1863; died Aug.20, 1864.



Daniel A. Denison (son of Samuel Denison), born Feb. 7, 1824, died Feb. 1, 1838.



Rhoda Denison's Family Record.

Rhoda Denison (daughter of Samuel Denison), born March 15, 1826, was married to Harvey C. Martin, Sept. 10, 1845, and lives at Vernon Center, Oneida Co., N. Y. Their children are :

117. Gilbert E. Martin, born Aug. 20, 1846; married Mary E. Church.

118. Ellery D., born Aug. 20,1851; died June 25, 1854.

119. Fred. A., born June 20, 1854; married Alice Groff.

120. Lillie E., born April 1, 1856.

121. George B., born March 22, 1858; died July 10,1858.

122. John M., born July 10, 1859.

123. Jessie Emma, born Feb. 4, 1863.



117. Gilbert E. Martin (son of Rhoda), born Aug. 20, 1846, married Mary E. Church, June 27, ] 869. They live at Bear Lake, Warren Co., Penn., and have these children :

124. Millie Maud, born April 6, 1870.

125. Kenneth Merle, born July 3, 1881.


119. Fred. A. Martin (son of Rhoda), born June 20, 1854, married Alice Groff, Dec. 22, 1869. They have one child,

126. Son, born in Nov., 1880.



Ellery Denison's Family Record.

Ellery Denison (son of Samuel Denison), born Dec. 22, 1827, married Ellen K. Gibb, May 20, 1857. She was born March 27, 1834. He is a physician and resides at 124 West 13th Street, New York. Their children are :

127.   Charles Ellery, born Nov.24, 1858; is a physician.

128.   Emma Kezia, born Aug.27, 1860.

129.   George Burlingame, born Dec.28, 1863; died Oct. 28, 1869.

130.   Henry Avery, born Oct.22, 1866; died Feb. 7, 1869.

131.   Edward Gibb, born April 5,1871; died Aug. 4,1871.

132.   William Samuel, born Oct.23, 1873.

133.   Ellen Louise, born Sept. 26,1878.



Lydia E. Denison's Family Record.

Lydia E. Denison (daughter of Samuel Denison), born April 28, 1830, was married to J. Whitney Olds, Jan'y 2, 1856. She died July 1, 1881, in Chicago, Ill., and was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. They had these two children :

134.   Charles W. Olds, born Dec. 4, 1856.

135.   George D. Olds, born Jan'y 6, 1861.       



Clarissa E. Denison's Family Record.

Clarissa E. Denison (daughter of Samuel Denison), born June 25, 1832, was married in Muscatine, Iowa, Feb.15, 1859, to James M. Colman, from Providence, R. l. They first lived in Hartford City, West Virginia; after the close of the civil war they moved to Brunswick, Georgia, where they resided for several years. Afterward they removed to Savannah, Ga., where he held a position in the Custom House. They now reside at Seattle, Washington T'y. They have these children :

136. Mary, born Dec.15, 1859; married Wm. H. Hutchinson, Jan'y 1, 1883.

137. James M., born Sept. 6, 1862.

138. Clara June, born June 1, 1865.

These three were born in Hartford City, West Va.

139. George Lathrop, born in Brunswick, Ga., April 23, 1872.


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