Alson Denison's Family Record.

Alson Denison (son of Samuel Denison), born Feb. 3, 1813, was married to Jane C. Goodno, Sept.20, 1836. She was born Dec. 13, 1813. He now resides on his farm near Stanton, Montgomory County, Iowa. They have eight children :

94. Urbane A., born Sept.19, 1838; married Georgie Ingersoll..

95. Lucy J., born June 5, 1840; married John F. Sims.

These two were born in Amboy, Oswego County, N.Y.

96. Clarissa A., born Oct.25, 1843; married Theodore F. Worthington.

97. Furman H., born Sept. 5, 1846.

98. Samuel S., born Nov.11, 1851. Photographer.

These three were born in Camden, Oneida County, N.Y.

99. Julia L., born Aug.18, 1854; married James F. Judkin.

100. Jessie F., born Dec. 11, 1856; married Charles D. Kellogg.

101. Emily A., born Oct.29, 1859.

These three were born in Cambridge, Ill.



94. Urbane A. Denison (son of Alson), born Sept. 19, 1838, was married to Georgie Ingersoll, Oct.30, 1864. She was born in White Haven, Somerset County, Md., Jan. 7, 1842. He was a soldier in the Union Army; was wounded in the shoulder, which renders his arm useless, and has a clerkship in the Pension Department at Washington, D. C. They have two children :

102. Fenton Alson, born May 12, 1866.

103. Irving, born Jan. 5, 1880.


95. Lucy J. Denison (daughter of Alson), born June 5, 1840, married John F. Sims, in 1866. She died Dec. 13, 1871, and left one child, who lives with her grandparents.

104. Jesse Maud Sims, born March 4, 1867.


96. Clarissa A. Denison (daughter of Alson), born Oct.25, 1843, married Theodore F. Worthington, Sept. 4, 1862. He was born July 14, 1837. They reside in Grinnell, Iowa. They have these children :

105. Mabel T. Worthington, born July 14, 1865.

106. Clarence E. Worthington, born Dec.20, 1868.

107. Hattie L. Worthington, born Oct.13, 1870.

108. Jessie F. Worthington, born Jan'y 29, 1873.

109. Carrol A. Worthington, born April 25, 1881.


99. Julia L. Denison (daughter of Alson), born Aug. 13, 1854, married James F. Judkin, Oct. 19, 1879. He was born Jan'y 15, 1851. They live at Grinnell, Iowa.


100. Jessie Fremont Denison (daughter of Alson), born Dec.11, 1856, was married to Charles D. Kellogg, Aug.30, 1880. They reside at Dixon, Ill.



Lucy Denison (daughter of Samuel Denison), born Feb.27, 1815, died March 8th, 1853, unmarried.



A child, unnamed.


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