Terressa (Denison) Martin's children :

Melissa, married Alva Colman ; live in Mich.

Harvey, married Rhoda Denison

George, married Mary Carpenter ; both dead.

Elenor, married James Cochron; live in Wis.

Avery, married Emeline Lewis; live in Ohio.

Jane, married James Conklin ; live in Ill.

Rhoda, married James Denison ; live in Penn.

Helen, married Wm. Edgerton; live in Wis.

Rose Ann and Delevan, twins ; both dead.

Theodore, married Catharine Lusher ; live on homestead , Western N. Y.

Denison, twice married ; lives in Wis.


Rhoda (Denison) Martin's children:

Chester, died in Milwaukee, Wis,

Laura, married Jonathan Stewart ; live in Minn.

Latham, married Diantha Bliss; live in Wis.

Elvira, married Geo. W. Cole ; live at Byron, N. Y.

Rhoda, married D. C. Jefferson ; live in Wis.

Adeline, married J. E. Wilcox , live at Ridge Mills, N.Y.

Angeline, married Wm. Hicks ; live at Delta, N. Y.

Emily, married H. H. Moulton ; live in Charleston, S. C.

Jane, married Joel Williams; live at Ridge Mills, N. Y.

Lyman, married Jane Bowman ; live in Rome, N. Y.

Clark, married Harriet Hicks; live in Ill.

Amanda, married J. P. Mattoon ; live at Vienna, N. Y.

Charles, married Maria France ; live in Neb.


Alonzo Denison's children :


Elenor, married Charles Benedict ; is dead.

Elizabeth, married Wm. C. Fox ; lives in South Troy, Wis.

Latham, married Ellen Wightman ; lives in South Troy, Wis.

Mary Ann, married Orrin Pencil ; lives in South Troy,Wis.

Angeline, married A. J. Anderson ; is dead.

Rhoda ; died young.

Ida, by second wife ; died young.


Pedy (Denison) Cole's children :

Lysander, married Elvira Wilkeson ; live in Rome, N.Y,

Adaline, married - Hoskins ; live in Minn.

Jane, married Latham Denison ; live in South Troy, Minn.

Angeline, married Homer Tiffany ; live in Turen, N. Y.

Matteson, married - Roberts ; live in Port Leyden, N. Y.

Lansing ; lives in Iowa.

Samuel, married Rosa Lewis ; lives in Auburn, N. Y.

Ellen, married - Allen ; lives in Wis.

Pedy, married - Smith ; lives in Houseville, N. Y.

Medora, married - Smyder ; lives in Saratoga, N. Y.

Latham ; died young.

Halsey ; lives in Washington T'y.


George T. Denison's children

George W., married Elizabeth Fraser; lives in Delta, N.Y.

Latham M., married Hellen Berry; lives at Peterboro', N.Y.

Susan A. married George Dickerson; she is dead.

Herbert; is dead.


Angeline (Denison) Trip's children

Frances, married and lives in Cortland, N.Y.


Wellington Denison's children

Frank, married and lives in Mich.

Clayton, married and lives in Mich.

Etta, married Lewis Dunning; lives in Rome, N.Y.


12. Elihu Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born in Stephentown, N. Y., April 14, 1777. Was married to Thankful Stewart about 1800, and settled in Ohio. Their children are

Elihu; Anna; Thankful; James ; Daniel; Horace; Katherine; George, and Avery.


13. Thomas Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born May 5, 1779 ; was married Feb. 23, 1801, to Polly Crary. They settled at Berne, Albany Co., N.Y. Their children are:

Thomas C., born Sept.24, 1802; married Charity Schults; live at Hunt's Landing, Schoharie Co., N.Y.

Mary, born April 30, 1804; married Ezra Orcut.

Isaac, born July 21, 1806; married Mary Dibble.

Katherine, born March 27, 1809; married Nathan Earl.

Cadance, born July 14, 1811; married Ichabod Dibble.

Daniel, born May 21, 1814; married Eliza Almy.

Hannah, born Dec. 11, 1815; unmarried.

Jesse W., born April 9, 1818; was married first in 1846, to Mary W. Briggs, and second in 1859, to Eliza B. Lewis. He was founder of the town of Denison; county seat of Crawford Co., Iowa, where he has lived for several years.

He has five children: Mary Louisa; Julia P.; Willie S.; Maria Louisa, and Jesse L.


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