Record of the family of Daniel Denison, Jr., including his children and grandchildren only.

Daniel Denison, Jr. (son of Daniel Denison, and great great great grandson of William Denison), born in New London, Conn., Dec.16, 1730; was married to Katherine Avery, July 1, 1756, who was a daughter of Col. Ebenezer Avery by his first wife. They settled in New London, where they lived until 1771, when they moved into the wilderness of New York, and settled in the town of Stephentown, Rensselaer County, east of Albany. He was one of the prominent men of the new settlement ; held some important positions conferred upon him by the partiality of the citizens of the new settlement. By an act of the Legislature he was appointed one of three commissioners to adjust disputes of boundaries between the settlers. We make this extract from a memorandum book which he kept, and now in the hands of his grandson, Jonathan Denison, of South Berlin, N.Y. : "June 1771, I moved into this county from New London, and brought with me nine children." He died in 1793, and his wife died in 1825, aged 88 years. They were both buried in the family burying-ground in Berlin. The homestead remained in the family upward of 90 years. They had thirteen children, as follows :

Katherine, born July 24, 1757 ; married James Jones.

Daniel, born Sept.26, 1758 ; married Hannah Jones.

Ebenezer, born Jan.26, 1760 ; married Widow Jones.

Jonathan, born May 17, 1761; married Sarah Green.

George, born April 12, 1763 ; died in 1786.

Griswold, born Aug.21, 1765 ; married Rhoda Tifft.

Aseneth, born Feb.24, 1767 ; married Roger Jones.

David, horn March 19,1769 ; married Widow Williams.

Latham, born March 8, 1771; married Elenor Tifft.

A child, unnamed, born and died Aug.18, 1773.

SAMUEL, born Oct.24, 1774 ; twice married.

Elihu, born April14, 1777; married Thankful Stewart.

Thomas, born May 5,1779 ; married Polly Crary.


1. Katherine Denison (daughter of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born July 24, 1757, was married to James Jones, and lived in Stephentown. He died in 1803, and she died in 1850. Their children were:

James H., born March 28, 1799 ; married and lived in Illinois. Their other children are: Katherine ; Eunice ; Jerusha ; Daniel; William ; Rachel ; Avery ; Elias ; and Clarissa. This is all we know of Katherine's children.


2. Daniel Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.) was born Sept. 26, 1758, and married Hannah Jones in 1780. They settled in Stephentown, and afterward moved to Seneca County, N. Y. He died July 22, 1832, and she died Feb.14, 1832. Their children are :

Daniel, born Feb.18, 1785, and died young.

George, born Aug.25, 1786 ; died Sept.12, 1825.

Hannah, born March 11, 1788 ; died young.

Rev. Avery, born June 28, 1790 ; married Mercy L. Benedict, and had eleven children. He was a Baptist clergyman, settled in Michigan, where his descendants mostly reside.

Eunice, born Dec.10, 1791 ; married Edward Briggs.

Clarissa, born Aug.23, 1793 ; died in 1842.

Elias, horn Oct.19, 1795 ; died in 1848.

Nancy, born March 20, 1797 ; married David Lightbody. Lived at Seneca Falls, N.Y., and had nine children.

Daniel, born May 12,1799 ; died April 13, 1812.

Lorena, born Feb., 1802.

Hannah, horn Dec. 1, 1808 ; died March 7, 1822.

Rhoda, born May 22, 1805 ; married Jerry Bement ; they lived in Rochester, N. Y., and had seven children.

Delina, born Oct. 27,1809 ; died Oct.13, 1827.


3. Ebenezer, A. (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born Jan.26, 1760, was married in 1784 to Mrs. Elizabeth (Spencer) Jones. They lived in Berne, Albany County, N. Y. Their children are :

Katherine, born in 1786.

Ebenezer, A., Jr., born 1788 ; married Esther Gallup ; lived at Rutherford Park, N.J. ; had six children.

Hannah, born in 1790 ; married Isaac Allen.

Polly, born in 1792 ; married William Allen.

William, born in 1795.

Alma, born in 1797.

Orpha, born in 1799 ; married Eugene Wood.

Avery, born in 1802.


4. Jonathan Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born May 17, 1761, was married to Sarah Green in 1786. They lived in Berlin on the homestead. Their children are :

James, born Oct. 19, 1789 ; married Esther Green ; had five children.

Daniel, born Dec. 11,1791; married Isabell Niles ; lived at Berlin and had seven children.

Benjamin G., born Oct.30, 1793 ; married Abigail Babcock ; lived in Greenbush, N.Y., and had four children.

Polly, born Nov. 14,1798 ; married Holden Sweet ; had three children.

A son born and died Dec. 9, 1801.

Gorham, born April 19, 1806 ; twice married ; lived in Berlin and had eight children.

Eri, born Nov.10, 1807; died Oct.21, 1808.

David, twin, born Dec.22, 1809 ; married Abigail Maxon; lived in Delaware County, N. Y. ; had three children.

Jonathan, twin, born Dec.22, 1809 ; married Elzina Allen; lived in Berlin, N.Y., and had four children.


6. Griswold Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born Aug. 21, 1765, was married in 1793, to Rhoda Tifft. They lived in Stephentown, N. Y. She died March 22, 1869, aged 91 years. Their children are:

George T., born March 17,1795.

Rebecca, born in 1797; married Emerson Hull.

Alson, born in 1798; died young.


7 Asenath Denison (daughter of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born Feb.24, 1767, married Roger Jones ; lived in Berlin, Albany County, N.Y. They had twelve children as follows :

Eliphalet, Asenath, Denison, Latham, Sally, Drusilla, Katherine, Avery, Alanson, William, Alva and Nancy.

This is all we know of Asenath's family.


8. David Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born March 19, 1769, married in 1794, to Mrs. Polly (Jones) Williams. They lived in Kortright, Delaware County, N.Y., and had these children:

Polly, born in 1795.

Orrel, born in 1797.

Ansel, born in 1799.

Caroline, born in 1800.

Furman, born in 1802.


9. Latham Denison (son of Daniel Denison, Jr.), born in New London, Conn., March 8, 1771 ; married Elenor Tifft, Nov.20, 1796. She was born Jan.13, 1780. In 1800, he moved into the wilderness in the town of Floyd, Oneida County, N. Y., where he continued to reside until his death in 1847. She died in 1840. Their children are :

Holly, born Nov.21, 1797; died young.

Pedy, born in 1799 ; died young.

Terressa, born April 10, 1800; married David Martin ; both dead.

George, born March 31, 1802; died young.

Rhoda, born Jan.28, 1804; married Alfred Martin, April 20,1820; he is dead and she lives in Rome, N. Y.

Alonzo, born March 15, 1806 ; married first, Mary Knox, she is dead ; married second time, Sarah Hughsted. They live in Rome, N. Y.

Halsey, born Feb.24, 1808 ; died young.

Pedy, born Jan. 3,1810; married Lansing W. Cole.

George T., born Jan.23, 1812; married Arabella Davis ; lives in Delta, Oneida County, N. Y.

Angeline, born May 9, 1816 ; married first, Henderson Trip ; was divorced, then married Jackson Clark ; lives in Delta, N. Y.

Wellington, born Jan.29, 1822; married Rhoda A. Cole ; he died Jan.17, 1881, and she lives in Rome, N. Y.


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