George Denison (son of Captain John Denison, and great grandson of William), was born March 28, 1671. He graduated from Harvard College, studied law and settled in New London, Conn., where he was town clerk, county clerk, and clerk of probate. He was married in 1694, to Mrs. Mary (Wetherell) Harris (daughter of Daniel Wetherell, a very prominent citizen of New London, who was born in Maidstone, County Kent, England, Nov.29, 1630, and died in New London, April 14, 1719). George Denison died Jan.22, 1720. His wife died Aug.22, 1711. Their children were :

Grace, born March 4,1695; married Edward Hallam.

Phebe, born March 6, 1697; married Gibson Harris.

Hannah, born March 28, 1699; married John Hough.

Borodell, born May 17, 1701; married Jonathan Latimer.

DANIEL, born June 27, 1703; married Rachel Starr.

Wetherell, born Aug.24, 1705; married Lydia Moore.

Ann, born Aug. 15,1707 ; twice married.

Sarah, born June 20, 1710; married Wm. Douglas.


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