John Denison (son of George and grandson of William Denison), born July 14, 1646, was married Nov. 26, 1667, to Phebe Lay, daughter of Robert and Sarah Lay, of Saybrook, Conn. The marriage contract or deed of settlement, arranged between their parents, is recorded in Saybrook. By this deed of settlement, executed before the marriage, the respective parents conveyed to John Denison and Phebe Lay the farm granted to Captain George Denison near the mouth of Mystic river in Stonington, and the house and land in Saybrook, which Mr. Lay had formerly bought of John Post. This deed was witnessed by Rev. Simon Bradstreet, and "Ann Denison, Jr." They settled in Stonington, on "the farm near the mouth of Mystic River." He was known as "Captain John Denison," held a prominent position in Stonington, and in many ways was a man of mark. He died in 1698, aged 52 years. His wife died in 1699, aged 49. Their children were :

John, born Jan. 1,1669 ; lived in Saybrook.

GEORGE, born March 28, 1671 ; lived in New London.

Robert, born Sept.17, 1673 ; lived in Mohegan.

William, born April 7, 1677 ; lived in North Stonington.

Daniel, born March 28, 1680 ; lived in Stonington.

Sarnuel, born Feb.23, 1683 ; died May 12, 1683.

Ann, born Oct. 3, 1684 ; twice married.

Phebe, born April 6, 1690 ; married Ebenezar Billings, Jr.

Sarah, born July20, 1692 ; married Isaac Williams.


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