1. Daniel Denison (son of William), born in 1612, was married to Patience Dudley, daughter of Gov. Thomas Dudley, and lived at Ipswich, Mass., and had two children : John, who married a daughter of Deputy Governor John Symonds; and Elizabeth, who married John Rogers, president of Harvard College. He was very prominent in Massachusetts, having been Major General of Militia, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and for 29 years one of the "Assistants." He died in 1682. It is supposed, but not absolutely certain, that his last male descendant bearing the family name, was an accomplished young clergyman, who died at Ipswich, unmarried, Aug.25, 1747.

2. Edward Denison (son of William), born in 1614, was married to Elizabeth Welde, of Roxbury, and had twelve children. He lived in Roxbury, where he was a man of mark, and died there, April 26, 1668; his wife died there in 1716, aged 91 years. His children are :

Elizabeth, born in 1642.

John, born in 1644.

Edward, born and died in 1645.

Joseph, born and died in 1646.

Jeremiah, born in 1647, and died 1649.

Margaret, born in 1650, married D. Mason.

Mary, born in 1653.

Hannah, born in 1655.

Sarah, born in 1657.

Deborah, born in 1660, died in 1667.

William, born in 1664.

Deborah, born in 1666, died 1667.


Edward Denison's son William, married Dorothy Welde, of Roxbury, and had children; but it is not known to those who have inquired carefully that any male descendants of this family, bearing the family name are now living.

3. George Denison (son of William), born in 1618, was married, first, in 1640, to Bridget Thompson, daughter of "John Thompson, gent., of Preston, Northamptonshire, England," whose widow Alice had come to America, and was living in Roxbury. She had in this country, besides Bridget, these three sons: John Thompson; Anthony Thompson, recorded in New Haven, Conn., in 1643, as a planter; and William Thompson, who died in New Haven in 1683. George and Bridget (Thompson) Denison had two children born in Roxbury; Sarah, born March 20, 1641, married Thomas Stanton, Jr.; Hannah, born May 20,1643, twice married.

The wife, Bridget, died in 1643. George Denison then went to England, served under Cromwell in the army of the Parliament, won distinction, was wounded at Naseby, was nursed at the house of John Borodell, by his daughter Ann, was married to Ann, returned to Roxbury, and finally settled at Stonington, Conn. The children of George and Ann (Borodell) Denison were as follows :

JOHN, born July 14, 1646; married Phebe Lay.

Ann, born May 20, 1649; married Gershom Palmer.

Borodel1, born in 1651; married Samuel Stanton.

George, born in 1653; married Mercy Gorham.

William, born in 1655 ; married Sarah Stanton.

Margaret, born in l657 : married James Brown, Jr.

Mercy, born in 1659; died March 10, 1671.


George Denison died in Hartford, Oct. 23, 1694, while there on some special business, being 76 years old. His wife, Ann Borodel1, died Sept. 26, 1712, aged 97 years. They were both remarkable for magnificent personal appearance, and for force of mind and character. She was always called "Lady Ann." They held a foremost place in Stonington. At the time of their marriage, in 1645, she was 30 years old and he 27. He has been described as "the Miles Standish of the settlement," but he was a greater and more brilliant soldier than Miles Standish. He had no equal in any of the colonies, for conducting a war against the Indians, excepting, perhaps, Captain John Mason. Miss Calkills, in her history of New London, says of him :

"Our early history presents no character of bolder and more active spirit than Captain George Denison ; he reminds us of the border men of Scotland." In emergencies he was always in demand, and he was almost constantly placed in important public positions.

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