Membership in The Denison Society
The Terms
Every descendent (and spouse of every descendent) of William Denison of Stortford, England, born 1571 and died at Duxbury, Massachusetts in 1653, is eligible for membership.  Applicants demonstrate eligibility by tracing ancestry through one of William Denison's sons:  Captain George, born 1620; Edward, born 1616 or Daniel, born 1615, and through any of their sons or daughters.
The Application (print and complete)
Read and complete the entire application.   Spaces are provided on the front of the application for you to list the full name of each ancestor descended from any of the above mentioned ancestors.  Spaces are provided for pertinent vital statistics such as birth, death and marriage data.
Help Available
If you have difficulty tracing your line or do not know it completely, fill in this form as far back from your parent as you can and then mail it to the Society.  If we cannot readily provide the missing information from our records, we will be glad to arrange with you to search records to confirm your Denison line, for a modest fee.
You are asked to provide source of information for the individuals you cite as ancestors, the major source probably being the 1963 DENISON GENEALOGY and its 1978 SUPPLEMENT.  Otherwise, provide backup records such as birth, death or marriage certificates, Bible records, obituary notices making the lineage connections, etc.  Wills, probate notices, service records are other backup sources.  
Election to Membership
Submit your completed application and our Genealogist will review it and submit it to the Board of Trustees, recommending your "election" as a member.  Remember, there is some help as noted above if you cannot make the connections to complete your application.
A $25.00 Registration Fee is required with each application.  Upon election to membership, no dues are payable for the fiscal year in which the application is received.  Thereafter, there is a $25.00 per year Annual Dues for each Active Member.  For Active Family Memberships (includes Adult descendant, spouse, children/grandchildren under the age of 18), dues are $35.00. For Junior Members, the Annual Dues are $15.00. Life Membership is a one-time payment of $500.00
The Address
Send the completed application with your Registration Fee to:
The Denison Society, Inc.
PO Box 42
Mystic, CT  06355