The Hauser's Home Page

Welcome to our home page! Kevin and Nancy are both excited to share some of our interests with you. Check back often, as we expect to update and change the content here on a regular basis.

Before his current job, Kevin worked on the popular One-Write Plus for Windows product. To see the Easter Egg, follow these directions.
We are both interested in photography.   Kevin has been an amateur photographer for quite some time.  He enjoys both camera work as well as darkroom in both black and white and color.  Nowadays, Kevin has transitioned from working in the darkroom to working with computers in a digital darkroom.  I'm loving it!  View our new photography area!!
Nancy is an avid collector of genealogy information for her family line. She serves as geneologist for the Denison Society.   She's also a ballroom dance teacher, Girl Scout troop leader, excellent baker, and she plays a darn good finger-picking guitar!
View Kevin's resume.